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Life with father

It's real fuckin special for a boy to be brung up by his daddy. There's nuthin better'n the deep love a father & son get to share with each other. The love between a father & son is the most natural & wholesome love there is. I'm proud that me & my pa are man enuff to express our love for each other openly. For all of you guys who hunger for a closer bond with your son, or more intimate contact with your father, I'm gonna describe a typical day for us.

I wake up each morn with my dad's fucktool in my mouth. Cause dad always has a few beers before bed, I sleep with my head tween his thighs, so I can take his cock in my mouth. I'm my dad's pissboy, so he don't gotta get up to piss during the nite. Pa just pisses in my cocksuckin mouth. In the morning, I wake dad up by sucking his manhood so he gets up with a fuckin hardon. It gets dad so fuckin horny that he grabs hold of my head & facefucks me. It's a real good feeling to get facefucked by my daddy. After pa dumps his spermseed into my mouth, he washes it down with a good long piss.

We like to start the day with some good deep kissing. Me & dad open our mouths wide as we can. We clamp them together & plow our tongues into each other's mouth. This gets us gruntin & groanin. We slobber & drool in each others mouth till the spit runs down our chins. We press our tongues together & lick tongues. It feels so fuckin good to touch daddy's tongue with mine. We wrap our arms around each other. We press our nude bodies together. My hard cock presses real fuckin hard to daddy's stiff ramrod. We feel our cocks throb. The feel of my father's throbbin cock on mine gets me real fuckin worked up. Me & daddy love each other so much our bodies ache with lust for each other. Precum fucklube juices from our piss slots. We're so sexed up, we feel like 2 breed hogs in rut.

My daddy has real manly control of his spermseed. He can choose when & how fuckin much of his manscum he want's to let squirt. In the morning when me & him got our pulsing crankshafts pressed up together, he digs just dumpin' a few wads of his spooge on my peckerhead. He pats me on my head, & says, "Paul, my good obedient son, that filthy man jism is just to give my boy a taste of whut yer daddy got stored up in his ballz fer you. It's also to take the top off my sex hunger so I can start the day off without juicin precum drool in my britches. I know I always end up with a lewd wet spot showed in my crotch. But if I let myself dirty yer sex organ with my semen now, at least I'll have a few hours with clean stain free kahkis."

My dad would wink & flash his wide shit eatin' grin at me. He made my daddy's boy heart melt with fuckin deep love for him. My father loved me so fuckin completely, that he hadda show me in a way that excited strong sexual lust in both of us. Before you think that there's anything impure or perverted in these kinds of feelings between father & son, I want you to know that for men with high testosterone levels like all the males in our family got, all strong feelings we have about anything simulate our sex glands. Men in our family throw hardons just talkin bout sports, & even when we get pissed off bout something.

I stay nude & hard dicked as dad dresses for work. This way the spermseed dad ejaculated on my cockhead, together with the fucklube I juiced on myself, dries on my penis. Just before dad leaves for work, I kneel down behind him. To make it easier for my daddy to sit on his butt & drive all day, I massage the glute muscles of his asschecks thru his kahkis. If dad's butt feels sore, he drops his britches so I can give his a special tongue massage. This includes me rubbing my face up & down in his hairy buttcrack. Because me & dad are bonded so fuckin close, it's a good natural act for me to perform for my daddy. There's nuthin wrong or dirty for a son who fuckin loves his father as much as me, to stick his nose into his old man's shithole as deep as I can. My reward for tongue cleaning daddy's crack sweat is the way dad grunts & moans with pleasure.

I deep kissed daddy's asshole with my mouth wide open & my fuckin tongue shoved out as far as I could. It was the same hot & hungry way me & dad slobber kissed mouth to mouth. The only difference was that it was my spit droolin mouth to my father's shitter. It felt just as good to show dad my love for him in this way. As for my sexed up father, well he expressed it best when he howled, "AAARGHH, JESUS FUCKIN CHRIST SON, MAKE LOVE TO MY HAIRY SHITHOLE. GIT YER WHOLE LITTLE BOY FACE INTO MY BUTTCRACK. THE DIRTIER YOU SERVICE ME SON, THE MORE I LOVE YA. SHOW ME HOW YA FUCKIN NEED ME & BE DADDY'S COCKSUCKIN SCUMBAG." I was fuckin proud at how I got dad so worked up, he was like a breed hog in rut. As dad taught me, "A father can measure his little boychild worship & respect by how much he degrades himself with filthy acts of love. I'm proud to say that my son is a 100% father loving pussyboy. I'm gonna take real fatherly pride in showing you off to my mates."

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