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Day at the movies

The movies marquee at the local theater read, "Cowboys of the Old West." I always had a thing for cowboys, so when I had today off from school, I bought my ticket and entered the theater. It must have been my desire for "hero worship" or just the natural lust for the male physique, no matter what it was; it still aroused my interest causing my male testosterone to stir.

I was excused from school today because of some teacher's meeting, but instead of going directly home, I decided to go to an afternoon matinee. It was a quiet afternoon and very few people were there, and best of all, no other kids my own age. I slipped under the "Balcony Closed" sign and rushed up the stairs to the balcony where I could sit alone and enjoy the movies.

When I arrived, the movies had already started and projected on the screen were some rugged looking cowboys sitting around a camp fire. My dick started getting hard as I fantasized about crawling naked inside one of the cowboy's bedroll. I unbuttoned my jeans to liberate my dick, pulled my pants down to my ankles, and started jacking on my stiff woody.

I was so engrossed in my pleasure, that I was unaware that a man had entered the balcony and had seated himself in the row behind me. I quickly glanced around to see a man wearing a black cowboy hat. I thought my fantasies must be overloading, and he had become an illusion of my sexual desires. I looked again to make sure he was actually there. He nodded, tipped his hat, and placed his hands to his crotch. I froze and gazed back at the movie screen.

The mysterious cowboy got up from his seat, and came to my aisle, and bravely sat down beside me.

What was a "cowboy" dude doing in a city theater in his jeans, boots and cowboy hat? Perhaps this was just a dream.

His hand firmly rested on my bare leg. I began to feel excitement in my groin. I uncovered my hard cock by placing my hands on the armrest of the chair. My dick was now throbbing and oozing pre-cum from my hard boy cock. I was extremely excited, and thought if he just touched me, I would cum.

Much to my surprise he removed his hat, leaned over and engulfed my exposed cock. I gasped out with pleasure as his warm mouth continued to pleasure my cock. I couldn't hold back my excitement. After he went down on me about five times I quickly released my cum into his warm mouth. He continued to swallow my gusher of my unexpected release. It was awesome, but hadn't wanted to cum that quickly, but knew I wasn't finished. I could go a few more time.

The cowboy seemed surprised but pleased with my sudden orgasm... He continued to savor my offering while my viral cock remained hard... He never released his mouth from my cock, but started to guide his rough hands under my firm buttocks. I arched upward to give him better access.

He told me to pull up the seat and sit on the edge while he positioned himself in-between my legs. As I did this he pulled my tennis shoes and both jean legs over my feet. I was now sitting on the cushion, bare assed, without any jeans. He positioned himself between my legs and started licking my balls.

I quickly looked behind me to make sure no one else was in the balcony but I realized even if someone was there, it would look as though I was just sitting high on the cushion. I faced the screen, to enjoy my cowboy cocksucker's pleasurable tongue licking. I was still fully erect and looked forward to another blowjob from my mysterious cowboy, but he had other things on his mind.

The cowboy's face was weather worn and slightly unshaven. The roughness of his beard between my legs gave me a new and sensuous feeling. I was not a good judge of age, because when you are a young pup, everyone over 21 seemed old. He was tall, thin and in good shape. His hair seemed a bit shabby but smelled nice. When he spoke to me earlier I noticed he had a deep manly voice ... and needless to say, he was a good cocksucker.

He slipped his finger under my balls and found the moisture of my asshole. He licked and kissed my balls and thighs. His rough callused finger explored my tight pink ass hole. He moistened his finger and slipped one in. It felt good. Then he put two of his finger in, and then three. It was feeling really good but he pulled his fingers out of my hole and started unbuckling his belt, opening his jeans and searching to release his hard cock and balls from his tight jeans. Even in the darken balcony I could make out his hard thick long 8-inch cock.

He stood, lifted my legs over his shoulders and guided his cock to the opening of my ass. I almost fell from the cushion during the movement, but he gripped my buttocks, and slid his dick half way into my ass hole without hesitation. Before I could protest his cock was half way in my hole before I knew it. I started to yell out in pain, but he placed his mouth over mine and started passionately kissing me.

His rough kisses made me forget my pain until he started roughly shoving his cock in and out of my asshole. I still wanted to yell out, not in pain, but with pleasure. I was getting fucked rough and hard but I loved it. He stopped kissing me for a moment and looked me directly in the eyes and said.

"Looks like I roped my self a young calf. Steady there fellow! I'm your bull and I'm gon'na breed ya. Just relax and let your cowboy ride your tender ass."

Then he shoved it in me hard, again and again. I held on for fear of falling backward onto the next row of seats. His rhythm was constant and hard like a gallop. I placed my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist as he lifted me off the seat. We were now standing in the theater with his dick up my ass.

"Yeah, Cowboy, ride my ass. Pump your hot load deep in your buckaroo's loins. I'm yours to breed. Fuck me! Fuck me!" I grunted out. "Oh yeah, cowboy stud, breed me. I want you to fuck me hard."

Thank goodness there was a cattle stampede on the screen and the noise was deafening. I was trying to keep our sounds muffled, but this cowboy was riding me like a horse. He lifted my body from his cock, then shoved it back in. Over and over he penetrated my tender ass. I could feel my ass hole opening and closing over his penis as he went in and out. He was kissing me hard and rough then his passion increased, his breathing was heavier, and then he made one deeper plunge and held me close releasing his sperm deep in his young calf. I had been fucked well. Sweat dripped from his forehead, down his face and into our mouths. He pulled away from my lips, breathing heavy from our wild ride. .

"Damn boy, you're a wild little heifer. That was the best damn breeding I've had for some time," he said as he slowly eased his cock out of my dripping hole.

"They call me Geo. I'm showing some horses and doing some entertaining at the 'American Royal' in town. I'll give ya my card ... and I want ya to come over to my trailer for some more breeding. Give this to the guard at Gate 8 on Saturday noon and he'll direct ya to my unit. Can ya manage that youngen?" he asked as I started searching for my clothes.

"Yes sir. I would like that. Thanks. If I can get away from home I will be there for sure. I liked being bred by you sir."

He laughed quietly. Took a red handkerchief from his pocket, wiped his wet cock, placed it around my neck, hugged me and planted one more tongue sucking kiss on me, put on his hat, tipped it and headed out of the balcony.

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