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Me my uncle and a cruise

My name is Justin, I'm 21, 6", red hair, baby blue eyes, and very muscular. Enough about me, one day my uncle bill calls me up and says that his job just gave him a good deal on a cruise to the Cayman islands and he has a extra ticket and asked me if I wanted to go with him. I thought about it for a second and was like sure when do we leave. He tells me that we fly down to Florida later that night because the cruise leaves early the next morning. So I pack all my stuff up and drive to my uncle house so we can drive to the airport. I get to his house and he meets me outside. I get out of my car, grab my stuff, and hand it to him. He ask me you ready to go, I respond with a smile hell yea. We both jump in his car and head to the airport.

We finally arrive in Florida and get on the cruise ship. While we are waiting for our luggage to get to our room we decide to go to the room and start unpacking out carry on. While I was unpacking, I happened to look over at my uncle and realized that he has a very nice ass. (Now I have never had a good relationship with my uncle so I don't know y I thought this) but anyway I also saw that he was unpacking condoms, I ask him if he thinks he is getting lucky with some chick tonight? We both start laughing and he says something like that. I get a fuzzy feeling in my stomach thinking damn I wish that I were that lucky.

As night falls and we are up on deck eating dinner, we were having our experiences with sex. Now he knows I'm gay but he doesn't mind that I talk about my gay encounters. He looks at me says well I'm done eating do you want to go and watch a movie in the room. I say sure. So we head to the elevator, hit the down button, the elevator gets to our floor, and no one is in it. he pushes me up against the wall in the elevator and starts to kiss me, now I'm really surprised at this cause I never thought my uncle had any feelings like that in him. But I like it so I kiss him back, when the elevator hits the floor and dings we stop kissing just long enough to get to our room. We get in our room and all of the sudden he picks me up and brings me to the bed. I can feel his bulging cock right next to mine. He lays me on the bed and rips off my shirt, and my shorts, I'm laying in my boxers now. He sits up and strips down to his boxers as well, for a 40-year-old man he has a nice body. He has a six pack, huge arms, a nice set of pecs, and a nice thin trail leading down to the elastic on his boxers, I thought I was gonna blow my load when I saw him.

'You like what you see nephew' he said

'You have the most gorgeous body that I've seen in a long time,' I said

'Well thank you, now you're going to see what I do with it,' he said

He bent over and went straight for my boxers, he ripped them down, and my 8' cock popped out and slapped him the face

'Wow nephew of mine, you have a mighty big tool, but not as big as mine'

He stood up and pulled down his boxers exposing his 10' thick cock, I sat up right away and deep throated as much as possible, I got about 7 inches down then started to gag so I had to come back up. As I did I took my hand and started massaging his balls in my hand, he moaned so loud his cock vibrated in my mouth. I sucked on his monster cock for a good 15 min, he pulled me off and said my turn. He got back down on his knees and starts to suck of my cock, oh my god it was the best feeling in the world knowing that my uncle was sucking my cock.

He started with the head and swirled his tongue around it, as he stopped he opened his mouth as big as he could and deep troughed me, he took it all without a sound. He sucked me for a good 15 min and I had to pull him off or I was going to blow my load. He looked up at me and said are you ready for me to fuck you. I almost yelled yes. 'ok' he says, he heads down to my ass with his fingers to spread me open for his huge cock, I feel a little pinch but It quickly turns to pleasure as he is fingering my ass he has started sucking my cock again, I tell him to stop or I'm gonna blow my load, he doesn't stop he just starts fingering my ass with two fingers and sucking even harder, I start yelling OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY GGGGGOOOODDDDD!!!!!! And I blow my load down his throat. He takes every single drop of my sweet cum.

He looks up at me and says now that was tasty. He still has his two fingers inside of me so he pulls me to the edge of the bed and asks me if I'm ready for the ride of my life. I yell FUCK ME UNCLE, he says as you wish and puts the head of his cock to my hole and pushes, I moan in pleasure, as I do he just does one big thrust and shoves hid monster cock all the way up my hole, I scream in pain, but it quickly subsides to pleasure. He fucks me harder and harder with each thrust, I'm in such ecstasy that I didn't even know that I was hard again. He fucks me for a good, long 20 min.

I feel his cock grow inside of me and I knew what was gonna happen soon, he looks down at me and says I'm gonna come and starts to pull out, I wrap my legs around him and tell him that he's gonna come inside me cause I want to feel that hot cum squirt out of you and into me, he looks right into my eyes and says alright, not even two seconds after he says that he yells OOOOOO FFFUUCCCKKK, IIIMMMM CUUMMIINNGG!!!! And he shot load after load up inside me, it felt so good that I ended up shooting my second load all over my stomach and chest.

He pulls his cock out and lays beside me and says well were on a seven day cruise, what we gonna do this whole time. I look over at him and say I can think of a couple of things and wink at him.

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