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A chance encounter

The older guy watched closely as the younger man entered the train, moved along the carriage and sat down directly opposite him. The doors closed and they moved off along their journey towards the centre of the city. He was probably quite a bit younger, in his early Ė perhaps mid Ė twenties but he was the one. For sure he was the one.

David had been on the train since the start of the line and knew from experience it was a long, one hour journey to Euston. The young man had got on at Hounslow West and there was no telling how far down the line he was traveling. David studied him carefully. Yes, he was probably twenty-five; that put him nearly twenty years younger. His face was long and finely formed with tight cheekbones. Small silver glasses added to and enhanced his looks. He appeared not to need to shave every day and hadnít shaved that day. His hair, which was brown by nature, had been highlighted with a much lighter colour and moussed into subtle spikes about his head. He looked intelligent, well-educated and middle class.

The train pulled into Hounslow Central, it was unlikely the passenger would be traveling for just a single stop so far out of the city but David had no idea how long they would sit opposite each other and could not be tardy if this was indeed the right one.

The young man, David decided in his mind to call him Simon, was casually dressed and in clothes which while tidy hadnít seen the use of an iron. Perhaps he lived alone, too old to be under the wing of his mother yet still single and without a wife to ensure these things were attended to. His shirt was short-sleeved revealing a moderate covering of hair on his forearms. That shirt was charcoal grey and open at the neck. His trousers were fawn and made of a light cotton material.

Hounslow East. The train stopped but Simon made no move to leave. He was carrying nothing with him. No books or folder to indicate he was a student, probably too old for that anyway. No newspaper, no briefcase, no canvas bag with his lunch inside. Who was Simon and where was he going ?

A pager bleeped and Simon reach to the waist belt of his trousers, unclipped the small black box and looked at it. As he did so David caught a glimpse of the bare flesh about his middle. Sensual. A second viewing as the pager was replaced. A pager and not a mobile phone, strange in a society where in England just about everyone has a mobile telephone.

David had been curious about members of his own sex ever since he could remember, since before his balls grew and dark hair started to sprout about the top of his dick. Heíd wanked and sucked with a few guys, only one of whom heíd ever had anything approaching a relationship with, but heíd never gone the whole way with man-sex and he so much wanted to. He had a burning desire to enter another guy, to place his solid cock where it belonged and enjoy the fulfillment of all his desires. Before it was too late he had to do this and how much longer in his life would it be before it was indeed too late ? Simon was the one who would change things. Something told David he was the one.

They had to make eye contact, David knew that, but Simon had his eyes down and looking to the floor. David had done it many times in his life, too many to remember, sometimes with spectacular results and sometimes simply prolonging a brief encounter. They had to make eye-contact. He had found as a child he could do it to initiate friendships and later in life he had used the influence to will clients. But there had to be an eye contact and Simon was looking at the floor.

Several stations flashed by and the centre of London was getting ever nearer, how long was left ?

Davidís heart was pounding, he knew this was the right one but he had to make eye contact if there was to be any chance. Then it came. Somewhere between Gloucester Road and South Kensington Simon looked up and cast his eyes upon the map above Davidís head showing the route of the train. He must be leaving the train soon and was checking how much of his journey was left. As his eyes lowered David caught them with his own. They met and looked very briefly at each other, it was fleeting but long enough for David to do what he needed.

There have always been debates about extra senses, the power of the mind and the like but David did not need debates for he knew exactly what could be done with his mind. He knew that without a word being said he could influence anyone with his own will and that momentary eye contact with Simon was the start of David exercising his will. Over the years he had found that the less effort he put into his special brand of hypnosis the more successful he was, too much concentration would spell failure. He also knew that the deeper his own will the more likely things were to work. He pitched his move on Simon and as perfectly as he could. Simon would have felt something linking the two of them but not be certain what it was while David was able to read some of Simonís inner nature. But the contact was brief, not long enough by half. Even so Simon had smiled at David and he had smiled back. Yes, he was the one. There was something about this young man which David could read and tell him this was the one. He could not understand what it was but it was there.

As the train slowed in the tunnel approaching Hyde Park Corner David sensed Simon was about to leave and although his own destination was Euston and the main line he made ready to move. Keeping a discrete distance he followed his quarry out of the station and into the bright daylight above ground. Simon crossed the road and walked towards Park Lane, David watched him enter one of the elegant and costly hotels that line this exclusive area of London. Perhaps he worked there, no David knew he didnít. Through the glass doors David could see him being met by another man, they shook hands then the other placed a hand on Simonís shoulder and led him away. It was the way he placed that hand on his shoulder that told David something more about Simon. Something he had not expected but something which would suit his purpose so very well. Perhaps the meeting on the train had not, after all, been a chance encounter, perhaps destiny was working, perhaps Davidís mental powers had caused destiny to respond in this way. Destiny had done its part the rest was now up to David.

Simon was a rent boy ! Destiny had answered Davidís deepest desire by introducing him to a rent boy.

The muscles of Davidís chest went tight, his heartbeat increased and a heavy feeling began to develop between his legs. Simon was truly the experience he had been waiting for all his life. He hadnít expected it to come this way but with luck he was about to experience the final fulfillment of all he had wondered about for more than four decades.

The doorman saluted and held open the glass door for David to enter. His eyes scanned the opulence before him. There was a bar which would enable David to wait for Simon, a place where he could linger as long as he wished without drawing attention to himself. It offered a vantage point from where he could see the lifts and the way Simon would have to come when he was ready. He had a long wait but the coffee was good.

Simon eventually appeared and was the only one in the lift, his client was not with him. David caught his eye across the large lobby and lifted a hand in a gesture approaching a wave. Simon halted and took a number of paces towards him. It was working.

"Can I offer you coffee ?" David asked.

"Thanks, that would be good." Simon sat down. "Are you staying here ?"

"I could if you advise me to," David smiled. This was going well. "Is the accommodation adequate ?"

"In every way."

A waiter brought the drink and the two began to talk.

"I saw you on the train," Simon said. "But I donít think I know you. Do I ?"


"Are you looking for company ?"

David smiled, it was all he needed to confirm an answer.

"Did someone tell you about me ?"

"Not exactly."

"But you know of the services I can offer and you wish to avail yourself of them ?"


"Fine." Simon paused and sipped his coffee. "Then let me quickly dispense with the less pleasant formalities after which we need not speak of them again."

David nodded agreement.

"Two hundred pounds for an hour or seven hundred and fifty pounds for the day, or night which ever suits you best."

David had a good job, a very good job indeed and one he had struggled to achieve all his working life but he was well short of an hourly rate like that. But to realise his ambition and to achieve at last his inner potential it would be money well spent. He invited Simon to spend the rest of the day with him.

The room costs in the hotel matched Simonís hourly rate and David burbled something about having just flown in from a long flight and needing some rest before he went on to a meeting. He doubted the desk clerk believed him but he was very discrete. So for a second time that morning Simon left the hotel lobby bound for an upstairs bedroom.

"Iíve always wanted this," David began explaining, "but I have never been with a man in this way before."

Simon placed a finger on Davidís lips. "Shh, donít worry I will take great care of you." Simon was now the expert and David just beginning to learn.

Simon let his finger fall from Davidís lips down to the collar of his shirt. David was wearing a tie fastened closely about his neck in a tight Windsor knot. It took a moment to release after which Simon slowly unfastened each button of Davidís shirt. As each one slipped open and exposed an increased area of his chest David became more aroused. With the last button attended to Simonís palms began to caress and finger the hair electrifying every one at the point where it met Davidís skin. Then with a thumb pressed against each nipple, the fingers splayed out below them there began an erotic generation stirring coals in the fire of Davidís inner being and fanning them into flame.

Simon unfastened his own shirt, let it fall way from his shoulders and to the floor behind him before replacing his hands on Davidís chest to repeat his earlier actions. David briefly copied then moved his fingers to the waist of Simonís cotton trousers. With the button unfastened there was room for a hand to slide inside. Itís exploration discovered a firm solid dick, thick and deliciously warm. Further exploration gave attention to the head, yes it was uncut Ė David liked uncut. It felt as if the pubic bush was more than adequate and David could not wait to feast his eyes upon all that lay in-store for him.

The zip of Simonís trousers had been slowly moving downward as Davidís hand undertook its work.. As that hand moved to fondle two balls in a hung sac the trousers slid away and with just a tiny persuasion fell to Simonís knees. Simon ceased to caress Davidís chest momentarily in order to slide his underpants clear and enable David to peruse his activity unrestricted.

David wanted his own trousers and underpants removed. No sooner had he allowed the thought to enter his mind than it flowed to Simon. Simon dutifully obeyed. With just a tiny moment of activity the two men stood before each other quite naked.

David had been this far before but had never gone beyond wanking. There had been one guy in particular, ages ago, with whom he shared some fun wanking sessions. Heíd sucked a couple of guys since then; both of them meets from an Internet chatroom. The first had been great although he was cut and David preferred uncut. Theyíd driven about in Davidís car, chatting and making small talk until they found a quiet spot. There they fondled each other, sucked a bit and wanked. That had been good. The next Internet guy had not been so good. When David met him he knew it wasnít going to be much fun but they may as well go through with it. They stripped and the visitor wanked David but as David returned the compliment the visitor found it hard to cum and the whole meeting was something of a disaster.

But this wasnít going to be a disaster and David fully intended that matters would progress much further than wanking and sucking; heíd see to that all right.

Simon was not a sex god and may have found it hard to earn a living as a model but for David he was perfect. He felt a little conscious of his own body which had long since lost its trim but that didnít appear to be troubling Simon. Not at all.

David moved his mind up a gear and decided he was going to firmly take control of all that was taking place. Simon was in every way compliant. David willed them to move to the bed and they slid across the floor in response to his will. Simon lay face down and spread his arms and legs in she shape of a star. David looked down on the young man and paused for a tiny moment. Two bum cheeks, tortuous and curved issued their invitation. David caressed them with his eyes then touched them gently with his hands. Their flesh sent tingles up his arms and across his shoulders. The sensation moved through his chest right through the centre of his breastbone then pulling tight the muscles of his stomach until it dived between his legs and came to rest in the thick solid shaft that thrust outwards from between them.

Simon moved to adopt an all fours position while David knelt behind him. His dick twitched and demanded it move closer. As the tip of its head touched the space between those cheeks blood surged round every last connective tissue sharing an overdose of adrenaline with every tiny cell. David placed his hands beneath Simonís stomach and clenched his fingers together. With those hands he pulled Simon towards him and with a firm thrust of his loins he pushed inside the young man. It was a little harder than David had imagined but that only served to add to the emotion.

David pulled hard against Simonís stomach and moved deeper inside him. He could feel the skin stretching hard back from the head and towards the shaft. Deeper, deeper. The feeling was unthinkable, in all those extensive years of longing just for this moment never had David imagined so much ecstasy concentrated into one small range of space and time. Waves of pleasure flowed over him and somewhere inside his mind he could sense the pleasure he was giving to Simon. The fact that Simon was also taking pleasure enhanced things for David. Deeper, slowly deeper until every last part of his fiercely throbbing cock was inside the young man. Simon was holding him tight and with a warm feeling engulfing an aura of rapture all about them.

Following a natural instinct David eased back slightly. The skin surrounding his shaft remained exactly in position, held there by Simon, while his shaft traced the movement. The feeling was truly astounding Ė wonderful. Simon pinched his buttocks together and held even tighter as David pushed back inside him. Although there was little sound save for the deep beating of their hearts both men were screaming violently with the gratification each was giving the other.

Simon found himself thinking back to the men he had known and realising that none could ever compare with the one now inside him. He could feel Davidís cock probing about in his manhood and linking their beings into one. Somehow he knew much of what David was thinking Ė feeling Ė and knew his thoughts were flowing into the other man. But these were not thoughts that needed words, they were pure emotion a lifetime of being condensed into an electric transmission of belief.

David moved his hands and twined his fingers into Simonís hair, pulling his head backwards and lifting his face towards the ceiling. Simon had his eyes closed better to see the infusion of joy. The joy began with physical pleasure but only started there, ascending to a dimension beyond the natural. Simon had never know anything like it before and wondered if any man had ever been so fortunate as to experience that he now knew.

Both men found their minds darting back to that chance encounter on the tube train a couple of hours earlier, they knew it was no chance encounter this was an encounter destiny had mapped out at the very formation of the world and one that would be recorded in a secret history of the universe. For the tiniest microscopic moment they both had a glimpse of how destiny proposed to map the future. If asked neither could explain it in terms of physical activity within the confines of a three dimensional world but both sensed a little of that yet to come.

Sweat was pouring from both bodies as their lovemaking continued. David set up a rapid, deep and powerful motion thrusting in an out of Simon with a violence climaxing every nerve in both bodies. Simon squeezed his buttocks together with a vice grip requiring every muscle of his body. Davidís balls were expanding and contracting as they prepared to release a liquid of the purest brilliance. It was fine vintage wine, molten lava and a seed of gold compounded into a new element yet to be discovered by mankind and one which would eclipse everything else in the universe. Slowly it began to rise out of its vault and along the canal of rapture towards its destination. David felt its movement as did Simon who knew from the melting of their thoughts how his friend was feeling and at the same time having his own experience of knowing what was about to come.

The explosion was a burst of pyrotechnics showering bright and multi-coloured stars high about them both. Rockets soared and exploded into cascading fountains of golden light. Rapidly spinning wheels of flame orbited round them. Again and again the erupting forces exploded and imploded at the same time until they were both totally spent and lay back motionless.

It had been but a few hours since that chance encounter and they had all day. NO, they had a lifetime, they had eternity itself.

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