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Blackmailing dad

I want to tell you about how I managed to start having sex with my hot dad. I was sixteen and fucked around with several of my friends, but I fuckin lusted after my dad. He was a real stud who took care of himself and stayed in excellent shape. It would become very clear to me why he was so obsessed about keeping fit and his secret would also allow me to take advantage of that hot body.

My dad was basically a nice guy. We had an o.k. relationship, as I grew older we spent less and less time together. I was always going with my friends and he was either working or working out and jogging. When I was around fourteen my parents marriage was in real trouble. There was always a lot of yelling and door slamming going on. My sister and I always stayed out of it, as we wouldn't have known what to say anyway. One day I was home and heard my parents arguing and I heard my mother screaming at my dad how he fucked any whore who would let him. I pricked up my ears at this point in the argument because it had to do with sex. I distinctly heard my mother tell my father that if she ever found proof of his infidelity she would divorce him immediately and take him for half of everything. It wasn't long after that my parents seemed to reconcile their differences.

There was a big group of guys who hung out together. We would do normal guy stuff like play football, basketball, and baseball together. One day I was on my way over to my friend Ed's to play a game of touch football on a hot summer afternnon. I was about four blocks away from Ed's house when I had to take a detour on my bike because of road work. I pedalled around the work and took a road I rarely travelled.

It was on the outskirts of town kind of and there were only a few houses and some woods. I was half way up the road when I spotted what looked like my dad's suv parked in the driveway of one of the houses. It couldn't be his I reasoned, but I went closer to take a better look and, sure enough, it was my dad's.

A million things went through my mind at that point. My father worked in an office and would have had no occaision to visit anyone's home for work purposes. I couldn't figure out what he was doing there in the middle of the afternoon. I took a chance and snuck over to the side of the house and peeked in the window. My heart was racing. I kept looking over my shoulder to see if the neighbors were watching. I couldn't see anyone in the room I was looking into. I satyed and watched for about fifteen minutes when I saw someone walk into the room followed by another person. It was my dad and another lady! She was wearing a robe and he was adjusting his clothes. She went over to him and gave him a really long kiss and fondled his crotch while he was fixing his tie. They both laughed and began to kiss some more. My father undid her robe and went down on his knees to suck her snatch. She was really getting into it. They probably had fucked upstairs once already and now she wanted more. While he was licking her pussy he took out his hard erection and began to paw it. I was so confused and turned on, I couldn't look away. I was so lucky most people were at work that day or I am convinced I would have had alot of explaining to do to the authorities.

His dick was big! I had seen it many times in our house as my dad was proud of his hot body and took no pains with me to cover it up. The two of them were both horny again. The woman laid on the floor and my dad stuck his cock into her and began fucking her. I was entranced to see my father's tight, hot ass swinging back and forth as he pounded into this woman who was loving every inch of his dick. It wasn't long before my father began pounding into her with more force and shot his load deep inside of her. I was pissed! I felt bad for my mom and was worried what would happen if she ever found out. I grabbed my bike and headed off to Ed's house, but I didn't stay long. I had too much on my mind. I had cooked up a fantasy in my mind that I was determined to make a reality.

The next couple of weeks I jacked off constantly thinking of my fathers fuck tool sliding in and out of that bitches cunt. I had no idea if she was a nice lady or not, I never really thought about her. I was too preoccupied with my father and his schlong.

I also became quite the proficient spy and learned what a sex fiend my dad really was. He fucked anyone, or so it woulod seem. I would follow him when his cell rang and he said it was business he had to take in another room. I waited outside the door and heard him whispering to one of his lady friends making plans to see her. He would often tell my mom he he was meeting up with a couple of his buddies and would be going out. My mom had ceased to care. They were only going throught the motions.

I tried to follow him on my bike a couple of times, but it was pointless, not only because I couldn't keep up, but because I was so conspicuous. I had an older friend who agreed to pull surveilance with me. His parents had divorced because his dad cheated too and he was only too eager to help me out with my project. I didn't tell him my whole plan. We followed my dad and I wrote down the adresses or noted down the hotel names and dates of stay. I compiled quite alot of data that I would need to present my case.

One night when my mom and sister were out of the house I confronted my father with all the evidence I had against him. He was pissed. He was even more enraged when I told him what I wanted from him in exchange for my silence. He screamed at me that not only was a fucking blackmailer, but a fucking faggot to boot. I was nervous and scared I ran to my room and locked myself in. We didn't speak for several days. I was more determined than before. He just made me want him more when he gave me the silent treatment.

He came into my room a week later and sat on my bed and poured out his whole sordid story. I wasn't moved and got up to lock the door. I told him if he didn't show me his dick, he would be the sorriest mother fucker to ever land himself before a divorce court. He blinked in disbeleief and made all kinds of empty promises. I stood silently with my arms crossed and let him know I meant business. My father got up said "here you go you little fuck you want to see my cock, you can kiss my ass too!" as he undid his belt and trousers, turned around, and exposed his ass to me.

"There, you happy! You fucking little queer!" he spat while pulling up his pants.

"Not so fast" I told him yanking back down his pants from behind. He was so flumoxed he offered barely any resistance. I was treading on thin ice, but I was determined to make this happen even if I wound up getting my ass kicked, which from the look on my dad's face looked quite probable.

I pushed him so he had to stady himself by leaning his arms on the bed. His ass was up in the air and I parted his cheeks and shoved my face in between his beautiful globes and inhaled deeply. I glanced lovingly at his hairless spincter and ran my tongue across it, "just once", I told myself.

We both stood up. My dad pulled his pants up and gave me a wild, scared look before walking out my door leaving it open. I stood up to close it and bust a nut thinking about my dad's perfect pooter.

Sunday came and seemed like it would be more of the same. My Mom went out with friends to brunch, my sister had staye d over a friends, and my father and I were avoiding one another, or so I thought. I usually slept late, but today my door burst open and my father barged in naked. I awoke frightened and aroused at the same time.

"You want to get this out of your system get ready for a day you won't forget!" he said while bending over from behind to show me his fruit bowl.

I reached out to grab his low hanging nuts, but he stood up and told me I needed to get dressed. We would be going over a friends house who was out of town, so we wouldn't be discovered. I threw on my clothes so fast my shirt was inside out. I met him downstairs and he told me to get into the car and wait for him. I heard him talking with my mom, telling her we were going out for some father son time. He gave me devilish smirk which made me smile back.

The drive over wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We wound up talking and he asked me if I thought I was gay. I told him there was no thinking about it. I loved dick. He told me he loved me anyway, but didn't appreciate my tactics. I asked him if he ever fucked around with other guys and he said just about evey guy does it when he is young. It is a rite of passge, but that he considered himself straight. I was a bit crestfallen, but remembered how he tore into that ladies snatch that day, and decided I loved him anyway.

We arrived at the Thompson's house. I had been here many times for pool parties. I was good friends with Chuck Thompson, a guy in my class. I knew they were away in Europe and my mom was supposed to be housesitting. My dad had told her he would check on the place today so she could enjoy herself. He often did these kindnesses, but now I realized it was never really about her and I was a little sad.

He suggested we take a quick swim before getting down to it. I told him I didn't have a suit to which he promptly frowned at me before dropping his shorts and skivies to the deck. The house wasn't overlooked by any others and the backyard was thickly hedged for privacy. I'm sure the Thompson's must skinny dip as well. I stayed over several times and Chuck and I did it. My dad was naked in no time and smiling up at me from the pool. I was a bit slower and much shyer now than I thought I would be. My dick was standing straight out for one thing. My dad whistled when he saw my cock standing at attention.

"Do I do that to you?" he asked with a puzzled look on his face.

I blushed and nodded yes before canonballing near him. We wrestled and horsed around. We swam for about a half hour and then I couldn't help myself. I grabbed for his nuts under water. He looked into my eyes and then closed his eyes while I jacked his expanding cock. I dove under the water to try and suck it, but could only stay under for short periods before surfacing.

"You're sure" he asked looking deep into my eyes. "Because this is some fucked up shit you know?"he said to me.

I nodded. He swam to the ladder and started to get out. I was right behind him when he squatted down so I had a perfect view of his shitter. I wasted no time and lunged for it with my tongue and mouth. I ate that ass like I had been doing it forever. I was a born natural! Dad seemed suprised not only at my expertise, but also at his enjoyment of my skills.

We had to stay outside because we didn't have any towels. I decided to lick the water off my father's hot masculine body, like any dutiful son would. My tongue ran over ever inch of that man. I didn't skip any part. Not his nipples, which I found out were very sensitive, not his balls and cock, not even between his manly toes which I sucked into my mouth one by one. I was in heaven. The sun warmed and dried us both in no time, but we were soon dripping with sweat as our father/son day progressed.

I couldn't get enough of my old man's johnson. I licked and sucked until he grunted and yelled out that he was cumming before flooding my mouth with his baby batter. I licked it all from his drippy cock. He fell back on the chaise panting and looking at me with new found respect. I grabbed the key to the house and rummaged through the bathrooms until I found what I needed and headed outside.

I decided to give my dad a little show. I stood next to him while he regained his strength. I slathered my dick with baby lotion and went to town jacking my cock. My father was mesmerized by my big cock. It was longer and thicker than his. I didn't call this to his attention, but knew he was thinking it. He watched in awe as I worked myself over in a new record. I wanted him to see what I like to think of as my sexual trick. I felt my balls tighten and knew I was close. I aimed my cock at my father's eagerly expectant face as I shot rope after rope of jizz into his face. I cum alot and had a good load banked up since yesterday. My father sat gaping at the amount of cum that flooded out of me. The jizz was all over him. He looked shocked and yet his jutting cock let me know I might have a convert.

"You fucking freak!" he yelled. "I'll teach you to cover your father in cum like a whore" he yelled while bending me onto the chaise with my asshole in the air. He picked up the lotion bottle and slather his python liberally. He slapped my ass with his incredibly stiff erection before asking me to guide him into me. I never wanted anything more in my life. My hand grasped his twitching rod and guided it to my hole. I had been here before with my friends and backed onto it like the whore my father knew me to be. He fed it to me slowly, inch by amazing inch, before bottoming out so his major low hangers banged into my own. It was a pretty hot day after all!

My father is a power top. He reamed me hard and deep. He called me such filthy names I could never repeat them. He slapped my ass as he was pounding me which drove me to want him to ram me even harder. I was the happiest son alive. My head rolled from side to side as the pleasure coming from my battered asshole and prostate washed over me in waves before I couldn't take it anymore and, miraculously found out I could orgasm without touching my pole at all! My spasming shincter milked my dad and he busted his nut all over my insides. It was seeping out from around his impaled cock and I realized I took after my old man in that department as well as being a male slut. We collapsed on the chaise to rest.

It was time for us to wash off, so we dove into the pool for another swim. There was alot of grab assing and horsing around, but my father seemed a little more subdued. We lounged around by the pool until we dried off and then my father went into the house and returned with some drinks and sun tan lotion. He sprawled out on his belly and asked me to cover hih with lotion, even though he has a swarthy complexion. I obliged and lovongly ran my hands across his muscled shoulders and back, up his legs, and nervouse with excitement, his beautiful man globes. I was in awe of their beauty and probably put way too much lotion on. I was tempted to do something I had wanted to for years. I raised my hand and gave my father a slap on the ass so hard it seemed to reverberate around the yard. He raised himslef up on his arms, but I pushed him back and gave him another loud "thwack" on the other cheek. He turned and gave me a quizical look.

"You've been a bad daddy" I said in a childish tone. He nodded his agreement and put his head back down. I let loose another slap making sure with every slap that it parted his cheeks so I got alook at his hot man pussy. It seemed to have some kind of effect I hadn't expected.

"You need to get in between my cheeks, so I don't burn down there too!" he instructed me. A sly smile spread across my face as I squeezed the sun tan lotion down his ass crack. He shuddered from the sensation. I took my finger and ran it up and down his canyon, slicking everything up as I went along. My finger rounded his tight bunghole and stopped. He nodded. I pushed ever so gently as his shoulders tensed up. I pushed my finger in and out and kissed his wondrous ass cheek. His ass pushed back and I shoved another into him. Before long I was finger banging him with three fingers and he was bucking back to meet my thrusts and moaning like he was in heat. I took my big fucktool and pushed it along in his canyon, and squeezed more lotion onto it. It was an amazing feeling and I almost shot my load right up his back, but I eased off and went back to fingering his hole to stop from cumming.

A few minutes passed and he looked back and told me we may as well do everything, since we started. I nodded and guided my dick to his winking asshole. I pushed and he sucked in air. I waited until he adjusted to being penetrated, but he didn't seem to get any more comfortable, and, selfish son that I am, I went balls deep into him before he told me it was a no go. He reared off the chair. I grabbed his chest from behind and begged him to let me have this, this one time. Sweat rolled down his face and I eased back after a few minutes. I took it slow from that point on and he collpased in a heap onto the chair. I began taking slow, gentle thrusts. I didn't know what the status was. I was afraid I might be forcing him and asked him if he wanted me to stop. He shook his head no and realxed his head onto his hands. My lust took over and I started to take longer deeper thrusts into him. He soon responded by moving his ass backwards to meet my thrusts and then began to moan like he did before, thats when I knew I had him. I raped his hole and took no prisoners. He shuddered and cursed like he did when he was the one doing the fucking. I pounded him so hard and so deep I thought I would solve our oil crisis and we both discovered that he could take it as well as he gave it. I couldn't last long with all the baby oil and all. I was soon dumping my load up his ass in gallons. He in turn jacked himself so he shot all over the chair which we would have to wash later. I pulled my dick from his ass and watched as my cum came flooding out. I lapped up what I could as I watched his hole return to normal. It was an amazing experience. Since that time my parents have divorced. My mother never had another relationship that I knew of. My father and I fucked around all the time after this. We did everyhting. He was still a ladies man and every now and again we would tag team a girl or a guy, but we always found time for each other too.

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