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Alan and his dad

Each time I see Alan, I see his father. Alan is nearly seventeen and looks so much like Jose. Only his mother and I know who his father is. His "dad" is proud of Alan and has done a great job raising him; Alan is well mannered, ambitious and a good kid. Alan's folks have been our neighbors most of my life and he is their only child.

Dad had hired Jose for summer help on our ranch. Jose was Mexican, in his forties and spoke excellent English. Jose had a family in Mexico that he sent his wages to each month. He was a good worker, knowledgeable and pleasant. He was about 5'9", muscular and I had found him to be friendly, intelligent and sexy as hell. He and I shared the bunkhouse for a part of the summer before the rest of the hay crew had been hired so I had many opportunities to view Jose' dark moderately hairy body. We worked together rebuilding fence and got along very well. He didn't have a car, so when I went to town on Saturday night, he usually went along.

The night Alan was conceived, his mother, Lois, had gone to the dance in town without her husband, Larry, who was away from the ranch for several days. I noticed Jose dancing with Lois, but thought little of it. He was a good dancer and I knew Lois liked to dance. Lois was young enough to have been Jose' daughter.

After the dance broke up, we stood around shootin' the bull and drinking beer with friends. I was just old enough to legally drink alcohol, so these dances always involved my drinking beer. Finally, we headed for home. We had not gone far when we came up on Lois' car stopped along the road. She said it had quit and the battery was dead. We had no way to restart it, so we offered her a ride home, after pushing her car onto the shoulder. Larry and Lois lived several miles from our ranch, so giving her a ride home was not a problem.

Lois got in the front seat between Jose and I, and he got each of us a fresh beer from the backseat. As we made our way home on the county road, Lois and Jose seemed to get closer. He had his arm over her shoulder and she had her hand on his leg and lay her head on his shoulder. It seemed they were getting more than just friendly.

A short way up the road, Lois said we would have to stop for her to pee. I pulled out into a mowed meadow, stopping the car and turning the lights off. Jose stepped out to let Lois exit. She stepped around behind the car and did her business and returned to the side of my old Pontiac. She and Jose stood talking and then holding each other. The radio masked their conversation in the warm night air.

Jose then bent down and motioned with his eyes, asking me to disappear for a time. I knew he was going to fuck Lois, and didn't blame him, but wished I could watch. That would not have been acceptable, so I headed away from the car as they climbed into the backseat of the two-door hardtop. The windows were down, allowing their voices to carry; though I could not distinguish their words. I sat down on the recently harvested ground, smelling the sweet scent of fresh mown hay and thinking about what was going on in the backseat of my car. I could make out their silhouettes in the moonlight and watched as they disappeared down onto the cushion, and occasionally reappeared.

I lay back on the ground, hoping the ants left me alone, and watched the stars sparkle and shine as only they can on a country night. I could hear the mating couple moan and hear my old car shifting under their movements. I released my hard cock from its confines and lightly petted the covered head, knowing that I was close to exploding. In my mind I watched Jose probe Lois with his experienced cock. I could imagine the muscles in his small ass driving his cock toward Lois' womb, knowing he had fathered at least three children by his wife in Mexico.

I tried to imagine how Jose must look, using the memory of watching Jose as he stepped from the shower in the bunkhouse, water dripping off his hairy chest and the uncut cock he had laying atop his tight hairy nutsack. He had a hair lined ass crack that must surely be running sweat on this warm summer evening.

The sounds from the car increased and then suddenly became quiet. I waited for some time before the couple sat up and Lois finally got out fully clothed and sat back in the front seat. I returned to the car and as I opened the door and the dome light came on, found Jose slumped against the seat nearly asleep, nude. Lois was sitting quietly and then said she thought she better get for home. She looked guilty, but relaxed. She needn't worry, her secret would be safe with me.

We drove the five or so miles to her home in silence. There were no lights on in the house when we arrived and Lois got out thanking me for the ride home and headed for the door.

After we turned the car for home, Jose climbed over the seat, still nude. I could smell the strong scent of fucking and sweat. Jose scooted back in the seat and in the dim light of the car interior gave me a good view of his dark uncut cock, hairy crotch and firm belly with it's fine line of hair up to his hairy chest. When he finally spoke, he laughed and said this had been one of the best Saturday nights of his life. Then he said he sure could have gone for another shot of pussy. I could see his cock expand and wished I could touch and stroke this breeder.

As we drove on, Jose appeared to sleep. I had to feel his cock. At first I dared to put my hand lightly on his thigh, then moved up toward his crotch. His cock got harder as I approached it with my hand; he wanted me to touch him. I pulled off the road again to see if Jose would let me help him pump a second load of semen.

As soon as the car was quiet, I scooted the seat back and leaned over to get closer to Jose. He lay back as if nothing was going on. I could smell the strong odor of his earlier fucking, and his cock began to harden before I got my hand or mouth on it. Jose was one horny fucker that night!

As Jose' cock expanded, the foreskin began to retract, uncovering the piss slit and part of the head. There was drool coming out of the slit, probably from his fuck. Jose was sweaty and gave off a strong male scent that I found arousing. His body had had a lot of exercise on this warm summer evening, what with the dancing and fucking!

I ran my hands over his belly and then down to his pubic bush toward the root of his peter. His cock rose with my handling. I leaned down to feel his pubes with my cheek and lick the top of his cock while running my left hand between his legs up and under his ass to feel the sweat and fuzz behind his bag. Jose slouched down lower in the seat, giving me greater access to his groin.

Jose was hard with little stroking from me. I licked his cock before sucking his balls into my mouth. His bag was quite hairy and had the salty taste of sweat and what I thought may have been Lois' pussy juice. Just knowing I held the source of his three kids in my mouth made my cock hard. I had no way of knowing he had just impregnated Lois less than an hour ago.

Jose squirmed as I continued my assault on his nuts and then I began working on his cock. Having never sucked an uncut peter, my curiosity drove me to run my tongue up under the skin as it was drawn tight to the head. This made Jose moan and I was afraid he might pump his load without my mouth on his cock. I wanted very much to taste his seed.

Jose began to guide my head with his hands, telling me to suck him. I surrounded the head with my mouth, licking his piss slit. I could taste the precum. I would not have long to wait for his second ejaculation of the evening. I had the head of his cock in my mouth for only a few minutes when I could sense Jose was going to cum.

He shot several strong squirts onto my tongue before pulling his cock from my mouth and pumping more onto my face. He lay back in the seat panting as I played with his seed in my mouth. He finally sat up, saying we had better get home before my parents come looking for us.

This was not the last time Jose let me to suck him. I emptied his nuts several times throughout the summer. When Jose left at the end of the summer, he left me a picture of him with his wife and three nearly grown sons. Jose' second son could pass for Alan's twin; there was no doubt that both these handsome boys came from Jose's nuts.

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